T4D Lab is a mobile Engineering, Research and Development Laboratory specialized in prototyping, field-testing and scaling sustainable technological solutions to humanitarian, environmental, social and relief challenges worldwide.

T4D Lab's strength lays in building strong partnerships with large global organizations like the United Nations, UNICEF and the Earth Institute, Universities and Research Groups like the Modi Research Group at Columbia University, the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU, NYU-Poly, Princeton University and MIT Center for Bits and Atoms as well as NGOs, private companies and individual inventors and innovators around the globe.

T4D Lab is currently located in NYC and participates in the global mission and network of more than one hundred "FabLabs" around the world and focuses mostly on Open Source hardware development together with Open Source Software and Open Source tools for digital fabrication as the key to design, prototype and produce innovative solutions to the current problems and issues that communities face today.
T4D Lab is a movable structure equipped with woodworking, mold-making and casting, plastics, machining and laser cutting capabilities paired with a special focus on electronics prototyping, PCB milling and hardware assembly and programming in order to travel and bring this shared knowledge and tools wherever they are needed most.

Mission of T4D Lab, a mobile FabLab focused on Technologies for Development:
"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest."

T4D Lab represents a mobile laboratory and innovation hub with digital fabrication equipment that allows to bring prototyping capabilities to under-served communities that have been beyond the reach of conventional training as well as traditional technology development and deployment. The overall mission of T4D Lab is to make training, tools, space and knowledge accessible to local communities, whether they are in the United States, Africa, Europe or Asia so that individuals can use them to build solutions to their local problems, prototype them, jumpstart local manufacturing and incubate local micro-businesses.

T4D Lab is a mission-driven venture that was started with the main goal to share knowledge and access to tools for digital fabrication as well as with the aim to build applicable and scalable solutions to social challenges whether they involve relief interventions, emergency situations logistics, distributed healthcare, resource and asset tracking or wildlife and energy monitoring and conservation.

T4D Lab not only offers years of experience in the Research & Development as well as the Do-It-Yourself field, but it specifically focuses on taking prototypes and products to market and on innovative manufacturing and production techniques for scaling. T4D plans on bringing this type of knowledge and expertise to any area in the world in order to train local communities and individuals to build products, which they can manufacture locally thanks to very minimal equipment, and that they can sell in their areas in order to fund small businesses while addressing major problems in their communities.

T4D Lab applies an Open Source development structure for designing, implementing and scaling solutions in order to allow communities to actively participate in the development of solutions that would ultimately benefit them and so that local communities would finally be allowed to modify, repair, replicate, scale, manufacture and commercialize these technologies, resulting in the creation of shared platforms rather than black-box proprietary end-products.
T4D Lab, as a mobile institution, hopes to bridge gaps and bring tools, structures, business mentoring and models wherever needed to allow the many local innovators and inventors to thrive and create sustainable businesses to support their communities and extirpate real problems